5. Salad leaves are not for me: I am growing tomatoes and runner beans

My garden isn’t really big enough to grow too much vegetables, plus I don’t eat much salad leaves but I am trying my hand at runner beans. They are my husband’s favourite bean so I am buying some bamboo towers and will planting them in a large tub. I know they grow very tall and I absolutely love their organs Scarlett flowers. If they grow well hopefully this can something that I grow every year and enjoy eating.

My tomatoes that I grew from a tomato are doing really well and I will be planting them out in their own pots in a few weeks. They will do best in a green house and because I don’t have one yet I will have to try growing the majority outside and a few in my bathroom window. It will be and interesting experiment which will hopefully encourage me to grow more fruit and vegetables.

Anything I don’t eat can go to my future chickens!!

Proud of my tomatoes

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