Dance lesson adventure

My friend and his girlfriend are learning to salsa at a local dance club. She couldn’t make it and he still wanted to go, so he asked me to go dancing with him.

I agreed and the immediately regretted it. All the crazy thoughts went round my head, what will they think of me, I can’t dance, I certainly can’t sequence. I really don’t know what I thought would actually happen but I can tell you from looking in the mirror that my face was a mix of fear and horror. I dreaded making a mistake of which I made copious amounts, of course I did, it was my first lesson.

Being dyspraxic means I am more than a little clumsy and have trouble remembering left from right let alone dance steps. Sequencing is practically impossible except it wasn’t and I did it. I broke it

I went and I loved it. It was fun and fluid, the teacher had no issues showing me steps again and again. Adam told me I wasn’t allowed to look at me feet which filled me with dread and had me watching the clock to know when it would be over. But it was fine and remarkably I actually survived the experience.

My husband has no interest in learning to LA Salsa even though he would excel at it. So I may just have to help out Adam when his partner isn’t available.

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