12. Benefits of gardening

I have talked about the benefits of gardening on my mental health before. I find a great therapy in checking the leaves, sinking my fingers in the soil. If it’s a good day the warm sun on my face and if it’s rainy it’s probably just a quick tidy.

It’s all about Biophilic harmony.

I am learning so much I now recognise flowers in peoples gardens, on the tv. It’s a knowledge I have always wanted. It’s fairly easy to learn especially when you live a flower. I don’t know all the Latin names or what family they come from but I am learning.

Gardening is constant learning. Tulips for example are pretty hardy, they need the cold in the ground to get growing, if you want long tall stems you have to make sure they get plenty of water.

If you don’t have a lot of time to invest in Your garden then you just need to invest in plants that and they are long flowering plants I have two, salvia hot lips, take care of themselves. Salvias need a little trim but I have just learned that they are a natural pesticide so I will be planting them near my roses to keep them free of black spot.

Learn your garden and you will reap the benefits. Shady, half sun, full sun, know your soil and add to it to improve it. A current trend in gardening is no dig, this means less work, less weeds and a greater yield. It’s a trend that does seem to be going away and I am here for it.

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