Moment in Time: Elbow at Hampton Court Palace

The day before the event, Gavin scored tickets to see Elbow at Hampton Court Palace and it was wonderful. Not just because of the pandemic but I have always preferred smaller venues and this one is incredible. The atmosphere in smaller venues is so intimate.

We crossed London as soon Gavin finished work and went to the Vineking to have drinks with a friend. We grabbed burritos at Waterloo and hastily ate on the train. Our friends are big drinkers so we didn’t want to go on empty stomachs. Then we left just after 8pm to go and see some of the grounds before the show.

Every time I go to Hampton Court I forget how beautiful it is. The palace and its grounds are worth a trip on its own!

We were met my the most beautiful wildflower meadow full of pretty flowers I could barely name. Two ladies offered to take our photo and we returned the favour. They were funny and we laughed the whole time. It was so beautiful with the light on the palace.

We went through and out into the garden where we drank overpriced bland cocktails and sat in a vacant cabana. The food looked amazing and we wished we had eaten there but then we went through to the concert.

Elbow were incredible.

But we had to get home so although we left just after ten we were home just after midnight. We were happy exhausted.

It was a perfect Moment in Time.

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