Feeling nostalgic for my wedding flowers

I love flowers, I prefer them in a garden growing but they can also be magic at a wedding. I have never seen more beautiful flowers then the ones my friend Charlotte created for me. She was completely incredible and I will always be great full for her friendship and all the time and effort she spent on my wedding.

Her brief was colourful and natural, I requested no hero roses and she used some sublime little tea roses instead. Daisies, anemones wax flowers and dahlias I loved them all. She thought about shape and texture and more importantly the vibrancy. They were all stunning!

The rest of the flowers went on the table, she dressed the signs and even added to the seating. Finding the right florist is so important mine just happen to be one of my best friends. So I am feeling a bit nostalgic about my wedding.

Ania photography

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