Moment in time: chaos as a poem

Arrive early

Order lunch

No taxi, no taxi, no taxi, wedding is at 3pm

We wait forty minutes and no taxi.

The stress levels rise.

It’s 2:50pm and a taxi already has an old boy to take home.

We all hop in.

Old boy gets dropped off and invites us in.

Polite declination

And we are off.

Windy streets, cyclists and a combine harvester

I kid you not.

Our driver Paul is an Angel

It’s 3:05pm we may be late but we will get there.

Me in a dress Gavin in a tee shirt and jeans.

We pull up.

The bride is ready

No time to stop

We run, cutting infront of her

Rip open the suit carrier and throw on a jacket

Two seats, plonk down.

Beautiful wedding, Gav changes and we have a wonderful time.

Flowers and bubbles!

A wedding is a wonderful celebration of love.

That was my poem of chaos.

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