Stepping into Autumn:7 things I loved.

Autumn is just about here, my favourite time of year, colder brighter days. Layers, jumpers, tights and boots. We have a holiday booked and we get to see my mum and aunt again! It also looks like we are moving house in the next month or so!

So much happening.

It feels great to be moving but also sad to see our home go.


I am currently reading wicked and wild by Francesca May and I am thoroughly enjoying it so far. I am really enjoying my book club choices at the moment. It’s about Witches in the 20s/30s in England, it’s an easy read and I love the book cover. There have been a few duds selected but most of them have been great. Our next read is Girl A which I really wanted to read so I am excited about that.

Spending time with family

We have had some bad news recently, which I won’t get into, but it’s made us hug each other a little closer and tell my friends and family that we love love them. The people who you surround yourselves with voluntary are so important. Let them know they loved.

Frank being carried

Falling in love with London

Working in London may have increased my hours and commute but it’s made me fall in love with London again. Walking the streets discovering new independent shops and cafes. Marylebone is prestigious as well as quaint. It feels quiet even at peak times, you will find me eating my lunch in one of the tiny green spaces all over London.

This is an area I have never visited but now adore! Also lots of great pubs I need to try.


With the house and trip I have a lot of planning to do. So my bullet journal and sketchbooks are now filling up. I did buy a new bullet journal for the new house so I could put any ideas or must haves in it. Sometimes you get a simple idea like must have two bedside plugs for phone but also we could have bed side lights plugged into the wall as well.

Gavin lights the idea of wall lights in the living room and I am not the biggest fan, I have been looking at picture lights instead. All these are thoughts and ideas that go on my Pinterest board and in my bullet journal.

Reorganising my wardrobe

I will never be a minimalist when it comes to my wardrobe, I do love shopping on eBay for second hand items but I am trying to tone it down a bit. Wear what I love, mend what I have and only buy if it is needed and fits in with my wardrobe.

I am packing a restricted wardrobe for America, I want to be able to buy a few hoodies and tees whilst we are out there plus some Christmas and Halloween decorations and some art! So I need to have a suitcase free!

Comfortable shoes

Working on my feet again means I need to look after my back and knees and my poor feet are killing me. I am currently wearing my marathon trainers and bought some cute trainers from Marks and Spencer’s hopefully they will be comfortable enough, if not they will be suitable for my holiday because even though we will be walking lots, we can also sit down when ever we like.

A new challenge!

I have spoken before about writing and how sometimes I need a print to force me to write. So even though it’s going to be a challenge I will hopefully be either reading or writing on my hour commute.

So that’s it

7 things

Some I have loved this month and somethings I am looking forward to in autumn. I hope you are well and don’t forget to tell your loved ones what they mean to you!

Below is an image of my September prints, I may miss a few but it’s nice to have some inspiration to encourage me to write.

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