Having a few perfect Christmas moments

Christmas isn’t about perfection.

It’s about appreciation, love and looking after yourselves.

It’s also what ever you want it to be.

A few blogs ago I wrote about my perfect Christmas and with my dad here, snow and my Christmas tree up I have had a fair few perfect Christmas moments.

Did I manifest having a few perfect Christmas moments?

It appears so.

We are still living out of boxes, the renovation limbo is very much alive and well. The house isn’t legally ours yet. My dad helped me clear out the living room so that we have one room clear for us to actually use. He put up the tree and we had a few friends round for drinks and a catch up. It was wonderful.

On the Sunday we had a big roast ( a mini Christmas dinner) watched a movie and ran outside to play in the snow. The next day we went for a nice cold walk in the fresh snow, Frank loved it and so did we.

A quick trip to the pub and all my wishes came true.

It wasn’t on Christmas Day, it wasn’t all on one day, but I got my moments. It was lacking family but it’s very rare I will get my to see my dad.

I can’t tell you how happy I have been having my dad here.

I hope you get a Christmas wish granted.

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