Vision board for 2023 let’s reflect back on last years goals

12 goals for 12 months, I may not have hit all my goals but I am really happy with the few I have. It’s been surprising which ones worked out for me and ones that I need to focus on.

I definitely got outside this year, two weeks in America breathing in the great outdoors, countless walks with Frank and of course a two weeks in the Seychelles soaking up the sun and swimming in the Indian Ocean.

Touch and romance were definitely my favourite things on the list as well as family dining. We nailed “just the three of us,” we have spent lots of wonderful time together, so much so that I put it back on next years list.

One of my big goals for a while has been to get a job where I can work from home and for the past two months that’s what I have achieved. I am on a six month trial so it’s not set in stone yet but I love it, flexi time, work from home and a pay rise… I am super happy. This has had a bigger impact on my weekends and I got Christmas to New Years off without having to feel bad, to beg, to plead.

This year I don’t need 12 goals, I am narrowing it down to six although I would be happy if we just succeed at number 1.

Have you started planning your goals yet?

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