Gav is okay

Surgery went well.

He is moving, he is also very sore.

After almost a week he had his first meal today.

He can change his stoma bag which hopefully won’t be permanent, but if it is it is.

He has good hours and bad hours and very little rest.

His friends and family have been really supportive and helpful, and present.

I have been remarkably calm and positive with only one breakdown and I am fine now.

I miss him.

Him just being in the house and me not having to worry to much about it. Soon I will have to start organising his meals and taking care of him at home which will be a completely different challenge to being apart.

This is just going to be a difficult chapter in our lives but he lives.

And that’s the most important part.

I will get back to regular writing but obviously I am not really thinking clearly.

I hope you are well and CHECK YOUR STOOL!!

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