Sharing how I plan my work, home and garden.

Part of my journey is being more sustainable and creating a small scale homestead of home grown fruit vegetables and introducing some future hens into our lives.


Created with love, my main themes are:

  • Planning and my love of Bullet Journaling
  • My home and the renovations that are about to begin
  • Creating biophilic harmony
  • Moving from a postage stamp garden to 4 outdoor spaces
  • My frenchbulldog Frank


Currently its just me, my husband and our dog but I want some kittens to join our child free life.

I developed my love of gardening in 2018 when I tried and failed to grow some flowers for our wedding. After that I tried more flowers and more plants. Gardening has been a huge therapy for me and I love spending a few minutes of every day outside. I am still learning and I get inspiration from everywhere.

Star of the show is always Frank

Frank is a happy rescue and one of the brightest parts of our lives. We try and take him everywhere we can as long as he is safe and calm.


A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

As a dysfunctional planner I try and live by these words

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