Every Day Kindness

Day 3, My favourite quote, 30 day blog challenge


Not really a quote kind of person.

So I live be these word

“Kindness costs nothing and means everything”

I am not sure if I made that up or if I heard it or something like it somewhere. be kind to others especially your loved ones and most importantly yourself!

I am not religious and I am a good person or at least try to be. With each year that passes I see so much kindness.

A bus driver stopping the bus because his passenger who can’t bend to tie her shoelaces. He gets off the bus and ties them for her.

For the 3 people who stayed with the man who fell in the street.

To the cashier who tell their confused customer to take their time and not to rush.


We are drenched in the atrocities in the world. Stabbings, acid attacks, guns going off in sacred places, Mother Nature attracting with vitriol and flooding, earthquakes and fires that last for weeks.

But then look at the kindness afterwards. People looking after one another, looking out for each other.

I believe that people or incessantly good

They is less than 10% of people that are cruel but we give them to much power in this world.

Living in London means that you are aware of the threats, the dangers but most of us are lucky enough to avoid those horrific things. Sometimes we see bits and pieces.

And fear controls us!

Have you ever been in a situation of fear and panic? There is nothing like it. Feeling fear rush through a crowd before people panic is really scary. Accidents happen is situation like this.

I don’t want to focus on living in fear in this post. I want to focus on Kindness. I want you to remember that with every small bad thing that happens there are 3 good things that happened before that!

A lady helped me today remember the name of a flower, agapanthus! It was on the tip of of my tongue I just couldn’t remember what it was called. She stopped and told me and I thanked her. It was a small gesture of kindness. I hope I remember it everytime I look at them!

People are good.

But sometimes patience runs out, people have bad days then I get out my favourite pin. Which is basically the same thing.

Don’t be a dick!

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