Dressing like my Pinterest board

This year I set myself a New Years resolution to dress more like my Pinterest board and less like a loungewear slob. I am not being too tough on myself because 1, it’s winter 2, I am not working 3, we are still in lockdown 4, I have put on enough weight to go up a dress size.

This isn’t a normal year but that means I should take the time to mentally adjust, it’s tough and physically it’s cold. So I need to be practical rather than super stylish . I won’t be buying any heels because I am not a heel girl plus I have some amazing Aquazzura Pompom shoes that I still need to wear more.

Find your words

Me and my sister have been talking about our style in depth. There is a difference between what you want your style to be and what it is. So we have been talking and trying to find the three words that suit our style.

Lots of the words cross over and sometimes they aren’t quite right. It’s also easy to associate words that describe you as your style. Like with me you may pick artist, quirky and free-spirited which do describe me as a person. They don’t, however, describe my style. So the 3 words I have chosen are:

Equestrian: for my love of Blazers, shirts, skinny jeans and riding boots. When I worked at Jigsaw many moons ago, we always did little style shoots for our morning meetings and my style was always described as horsey, and I love it.

Vintage inspired: for my love vintage cuts and prints, tea dresses, forties cuts, headscarves, winged eyeliner and a red lip.

Gypsy / wanderer: because I live to travel I like to buy pieces from every where I go. I have a love of colour and print. My wardrobe is a riot of colour may favourites being red, green and mustard. My colouring suits jewel tones over wishy washy beige sophisticated look.

Note: I understand they wanted to use the word gypsy as a romantic description but I feel like it’s culturally inappropriate so I prefer wanderer.

So there are my three words: Equestrian, Vintage Inspired, Wanderer.

Now I understand my style I can edit my wardrobe and shop better. If a piece of fashion doesn’t fit my style then there is no point investing in it. I also want to shop less often and more ethically. So no more Primark even though the price point is good I can’t justify it any more.

eBay is the perfect place for buying second hand higher price points. The truth is I am not after many pieces. I need to shop my wardrobe better. Understand that I don’t like clothes that are too tight and restrictive and keep all my hoodies because when it’s cold I love a snuggle. My leopard will be staying put as it goes with my 80s vintage Pat Butcher or Bet Lynch vibe.

80s Soap style icons

It’s an interesting strategy to define your style in 3 words and stick with them to make it easier. I also have some simple criteria for shopping, has to fit, has to be comfortable and has to be ethically bought. I won’t be shopping for the sake of it. I feel like my wardrobe is pretty complete.

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