Removing negativity from my wardrobe

I have talked about my weight game over lockdown before. I am missing going to the gym. It’s too hot to run ( excuses excuses) I have started changing my diet and being more active. Tracking my weight as well as well as watching my step count as well. Pushing my step count from a lame 2500 to a much better 7-10K.

But body image is tough.

I went from a UK10 in September 2019 to a UK14 . I am at my heaviest and if I continue down this unhealthy road it won’t stop. I am just going to work on it, make better changes and keep going.

But this post is about my wardrobe.

I have a rail in my bedroom stuffed full of clothes that don’t fit me so I stay away from it. I browse it and realise I can’t fit into it.

I had a think about my style this year so I don’t buy things now unless they follow my three style combinations equestrian, wanderer and vintage. So I haven bought much this year. I am not going anywhere so I am happy with my wardrobes colours and prints.

But the fit.

I still have size 10s haunting me on my rail. Mocking my clothing selection and preventing me from feel positive. The negativity in my wardrobe is palpable and I need it to stop.

So I went through.

I removed all the 10s…. I will deal with them later and removed and 12s that are just too tight. Squeezing into clothes is not what I want to partake in. My clothes should fit me I shouldn’t squeeze to fit them.

This is me physically removing negativity from my wardrobe. When I lose weight my other wardrobe is waiting for me clean and hanging in a separate wardrobe not haunting me at the end of the end of the bed.

This is me excepting my weight, for now, and dressing to fit my body not the other way around.

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