Why can’t I clean my art room?

It’s a tip.

It’s been a while

Six months of mess and my motivation to clean it doesn’t exist. I do a little and it looks worse. I have boxes of fabrics and materials. Pens, paint random embroidery hoops for the bee illustration I haven’t started yet.

Nor have I started the room yet. It’s so deep in crap that I just can’t face it. It’s too much.

I can’t even break it down.

I don’t know why I can’t just clean it all up. I have given myself deadlines, Gavin has given me angry deadlines and it’s still not working.

I know I just need to do it.

Maybe if I shame myself on this blog then I will get to it.

Hold myself accountable.

Hopefully next weeks posts will be me getting my dining room back.

We will see.

5 responses to “Why can’t I clean my art room?”

  1. Perhaps it’s organised chaos, it’s functional for you so no need to worry how it looks to anyone else lol 🤗

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    1. Thanks so much for your support, unfortunately it’s horrible and I need to sort it!

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      1. Lol, OK 😊 well hopefully you can find a way to enjoy yourself while you sort it….some energising music maybe 🎧🎶

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  2. It always feels difficult to start if the clutter becomes huge.


    1. Yes it does!! I am trying to clear my table as a start!


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