Crystal clear thinking

I can’t tell you how many times I have rolled my eyes when people mention gratitude.

I am British and we are normally practical with a side of sarcasm. I believe in the Pull your socks up attitude but gratitude has always felt a step too far.

It’s crystal clear to me now that appreciation isn’t something to be ashamed of. I have always been open about expressing my love for my friends and family but the word gratitude was just a step to far, a tad trite so to speak.

I have always been passionate about England and the rest of the UK. Been proud to be British and super proud of my parents and all they achieved.

Last year taught me a lot about privilege, mine and my country’s. What we expected and what was raked away from us.

How privileged I am to have a roof over my head, running water, heating, electricity. To feel safe and surrounded by love.

The vaccine we have been offered is also a privilege. It is a privilege to take to protect those vulnerable around us, to stop our free healthcare system from being overwhelmed like it has been in so many countries. I have now had my first vaccination. My second one is booked.

My husband reminded me it is a vaccine not an immunisation. We as a country as a world still have so far to go.

So these last two years have been eye opening to both my privilege and my gratitude.

I have been a happier person these last few weeks.

Happier within myself.

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