Royal Core: London Calling

I bought a crown on the way to my hen do. It’s pretty awesome. It was from Zara and although the quality isn’t the best. I have lost a few gems and Zara were useless at trying to help me.

I am definitely not a headband girl but I just fell in love with it. it makes me feel like a Spanish princess royal to the core.

I wish I looked this glam yesterday but I don’t. It was my first trip into central London since Covid-19. My train was filled with people refusing to wear masks which was annoying. That isn’t an assumption I heard people say that. I moved down the cabin and stayed out of the way.

When I got to London I had to go in the tube which I was a little nervous about and it turned out I was right to be. My tube was crowded. There was a free Palestine protest happening at my exit so more people kept joining the cabin.

Side note: I support the protest. My heart breaks seeing families and babies injured or dead. People being forcibly illegally removed from there homes. It’s wrong. The Palestinians need to be protected from this violence.

Back to the blog, all those people so close together made me nervous. I walked the short distance from embankment to Covent Garden and listened to a string quartet waiting for Becky.

We headed to our favourite restaurant Condesa. It’s a Spanish Mexican tapas place and although it’s pricey ( when you drink 3 bottles of wine) the food is excellent.

Our waiter is also really cool. I had the tuna tostadas and the grilled octopus …… it was so good. We laughed, caught up and relaxed. It’s so funny how normal things are when you are in good company and wine of course!

We had our table from 1-7pm which is a very long very boozy lunch. We needed it. There is a reason it is our favourite restaurant. Then we decided on a night cap in the Holborn dining rooms. We got a bit lost and ended up walking around London for 40minutes.

It was great.

Train was empty on the way home we we were both safe and sound in our respective homes by 10.30 which was a very long lunch date.

Old fashioned to finish the night

Have you ventured out yet?

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