7 things I have loved in May

We are almost halfway through the year. May has been a rainy month… it feels like we have had rain every single day. The garden is loving it but it is a bit restrictive. We have had mild storms, hail that covered our garden in white ice.

So the first thing is my little house. It has looked after us

Skincare so I kind of blew my no buy month by investing in a Caroline Hirons spring kit and yes it was £180 worth every penny. I am going to do a first impressions review type blog on this but as I am still using it ( not all of it) then I still need time to explore.

These kits always sell out in the first few hours but I managed to get one on the website pretty quickly. My main excuse was that I have run out of moisturiser. My last Elemis night cream was £100 and lasted me two years using it every night so I knew that buying this kit was techya Nathan as it has 52% off for 6 products.

My compost kitchen bin. I know that’s so simple but after rediscovering my compost bin hiding behind the bbq I have really started spending more time in my garden. I saw a little mint green bin in TKMaxx and I didn’t pick it up. It was only cheap and yes it is plastic but I don’t plan on on replacing it until it falls apart and even then I will try and fix it.

Our compost bin is at the end of the garden which isn’t far away however May rained pretty much the whole month with the exception of the bank holiday weekend. So having some storage in the kitchen means that I can fill it up ( normally half way) before I empty it into the compost bin.

It means I now have no excuses for filling up our normal bin.

Going into town. Now we do limit this to once a week because of Covid but we have stated do our shop less online and more in person. We take the dog with us so someone has to wait outside with him. Which is fine. It’s nice that he is apart of our going outside. It’s nice. We walk into town or the supermarket which is about 15-20mjnute walk. Make a list and pick up food for the week or bits we need. I often treat myself to flowers but no chocolate at the moment!

Our local market now has a champagne and oyster bar stall. So the last few weekend we have been enjoying just that. If I close my eyes it feels like we are on holiday just for second. I did also venture into central London if you want to read more click here

Rosé wine, I have had a craving for the perfect rosé for a while now. Crisp ice cold and fruity. So I have been trying a few some good some bad a few Meg and a couple of lovely ones. The thing with rose is it really does have to be chilled for the right amount of time to get to the perfect temperature.

So far I have tried Mirabeau a firm favourite, kylie which was bad, Graham Norton’s Pink which was easy to drink, some sickly sweet brands that tastes more like a fruit punch and then the world’s favourite Whispering Angel which lived up to the hype or being delicious not to sweet but fruity and when it’s on offer at Waitrose for £15.99 not an everyday wine but a nice treat every now and then. I am still not sure I found my perfect rosé but I happy to keep on searching and drinking my Mirabeau and whispering Angel till I do.

Smoked potato’s, whilst Gavin’s smoked meats are impressive one of my favourite things he cooks is his smoked potatoes with a slice of onion and a slither of butter that are creamy and delicious and I love them so much I slice them up and put them in my sandwiches. The Smokey flavour is heavenly.

Self help books wow how the times have changed. Years ago I would have mocked myself. Now don’t get me wrong I can’t ever agree with all of it, but I think the messages in some of them are great. I actually prefer to listen to self help books rather than read them. This month I listened to The Sweet Spot by Christine Carter and The Power by Rhonda Byrne.

Now I really do have my issues with both, I mean no matter how positive we are we can’t fight cancer and illness and it’s okay to worry and feel down. The main themes of both these books is to let go of negativity and practice gratitude.

Jupiter’s Legacy we gave this a try on Netflix and it was a great show. Every episode was better than the last and the final was great. The story telling and acting were great. We really enjoyed it and just watched a few episodes at a time.

Netflix just cancelled the next series so I will never find out what happens to all of them. I wish Netflix would let it complete its story. I think it’s partially down to being a slower burner and lots of people would have switched off after the first episode. It was a good series so go and watch it and change Netflix’s mind.

So that’s just a few of the things I have loved last month. It was a rainy month but my garden appreciated it and June is set to be a lovely hot one. Who knows if we will go into lockdown again but I can’t wait to to see more friends and family in the upcoming weeks.

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