A simple lunch

My garden is my favourite place ans when the sun is out I like to be in even if its for a few hours. I like to dress the table, I should note that my garden table is normally covered in plants so I have to clear it to actually have lunch out there. Normally I just eat in my chair by the kitchen.

I have been collecting poppy seed pods for weeks now. It is the end of the season so I have been cutting lots. I am going to shake the seeds up and down my flower beds and hope some of them take. I am also going to shake some in a pot so I can watch them grow. I was watching the @gardenfairy and she said that poppies don’t like to be moved so think carefully where you want them.

Gavin’s mum came over and we had hot chicken sandwiches in French bread and coffee floats. It was a yummy lunch and a nice way to spend some time together. I cut the sweet peas half an hour before she arrived and there are still lots on the bush. The decking looks lovely in full bloom.

Sometimes simple is best!

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