The Proposal: A Gory Start

So, if you have read my first blog you would know that I waited a long time to get here. Well today I thought I would share with you the proposal.

Which was a total surprise.

But makes me so happy.

I didn’t believe it.

I have been waiting a while for Gav to ask me to be his wife. And if he tells you he wasn’t nervous, he is lying. Not from me answering him with a no (never going to happen), but just what he did.

So, in order for it to be a surprise my lovely fiancé planned to propose to me on the most unromantic day of the year in the most unlikely place.

The reason: he didn’t want me to suspect!

And I never would have in a million years

I looked terrible!


Me with my Zombie friend and Zombie Frank

Gav has been saying he was going to get me a diamond surrounded by dolphins and deliver it by carrier pigeons. I hate dolphins (don’t ask) not a solitaire kind of girl and I abhor pigeons. So that ring he described is definitely not my cup of tea. He is a complete and utter tease.

This is one of the reasons I love him so much.

We are never bored of each other.


Gav did my make up

So the day…

My wonderful man proposed to me on World Zombie day.

Covered in blood, fake glass glued to my head, surrounded with friends on a pub crawl in aid of St Mungo’s Charity. We do this crawl every year. You get dressed up. March round London with a horde of zombies and raise some money for a great cause. Stop at a few pubs on the way and scare a few tourists quietly eating their dinner in a restaurant.

It is really fun.

We are the first proposal they have ever had… I wonder why.

I should have suspected when my friends turned up, but others, couldn’t make it.

He didn’t want too many people to know, they would have had big smiles on their face all day.


Frank dressed as a zombie

Frank our Frenchie had only been with us a month and he was busy bounding in and out of people, happy as Larry, we had all had a few drinks. Talked to many Zombies and was generally having a thoroughly lovely time.

Me in a scruffy t-shirt and jeans, big hair lots of blood on my face.

We gathered for a group shot somewhere in Chalk Farm, north London. Gav ushered a professional photographer over and asks him to wait. Then starts bossing us all around because he wants me in the middle.


Just after the proposal I am still in shock

I had no idea.

I got fed up and told him off.

“Stop being so bossy and get in the photo” are words I usher before he asks me a question I always wanted to hear.

Then he gets down on one knee

And I don’t believe him, I hear the words but they don’t make sense.

Gavin is on one knee with a ring in his hand

And I still don’t believe him, I think he is joking mainly because he presents the ring like this.

My severed finger engagement ring


Yes, that is a severed finger with a plastic cracker ring on it.

I thought it was a big joke.


After a while I realised he was actually asking and I loved it. I was elated, he had even asked my dad a month before. He said I can choose the ring I want but for me it wasn’t about the ring, it was about us. It is about us.

I did cry tears of happiness.

Emotionally it was a bit overwhelming, dreams coming true and all that. It was about love not romance.

Gav chose this Christmas cracker ring.

At Christmas we had been round his family and we had started our feast with this cracker and as this plastic ring fell onto my lap I said I do and proudly wore it for a week for a joke.

Gav kept it because he knew it would fit, he had actually thought about if for a while.

He truly is amazing, now we just have to find the ring!

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