Planning the next year: goals and resolutions for 2021

I thought I would plan with you for next year. I am keeping my goals small but achievable with a few exceptions.

It’s time to get my thinking cap on and work out what I want to achieve. Every year I put down learn french and learn to drive. Yes I should learn to drive but unless I win the lotto it’s not going to happen next year.

Growing out the grey

A few years ago I grew my hair for my wedding and at the start of Covid I chopped my hair short. I liked it but I missed my long hair immediately. I told my mum that if I ever want to cut my hair short again tell me not too. I love it long.

So I am growing it out and I am thinking of letting it grow grey. This means I will probably have to talk to my hair dresser about high lights. My sister says I may have to start wearing more make up because the colour may drain me. I may change my hair and dye it later but at the moment I am going to embrace the grey.

Sugar and Coke are going

If I am giving up Coke, I generally only drink diet or zero but it’s time, I also need to give up sugar in my coffee. I have two sugars in my coffee and if I have 3 or more a day then it’s far too much.

Bad for my teeth and bad for my health it’s time to cut it out.

I am not going to deny myself if we are out and I want a drink but it’s time to cut down. This is a good healthy goal and I am happy to accept this self challenge.

I will also start running again. I love it, I miss it and I don’t have an excuse. The extra weight I have put on is a danger to my organs and has to go. A healthier 2021 is not something to look down on. Yes lots of people will be talking about getting fitter, skinnier healthier. You should only have achievable body goals.

Mine is to have a healthy body. I want to be able to touch my toes without holding my breath and I don’t want to keep buying bigger sizes to fit my body in.

I want to be heathy and happy and eat what I want. Running can help me achieve that.

My home and garden

They need tidying, painting, scrubbing you name it. 2021 is going to be the year my house looks gorgeous.

I am going to to it:

  • Find frames for my bathroom art
  • Tidy the garden
  • plant the bulbs
  • Sand and paint the furniture
  • Paint my kitchen
  • Remove the laminate and repaint it
  • Rip down the cupboard and put up shelves
  • Buy a kitchen rug
  • Gut my dining room
  • Paint my sitting room and make it perfect
  • Put a Daddow rail up in the hall
  • paint the hall
  • Paint the bedroom

Lots to do but I am going to do it.

Dress like my Pinterest board

I don’t have a style at the moment. When I worked at Jigsaw I had a look. It was slightly horsey with my knee high brown boots, jeans, shirts and blazers. I loved it. Then I turned into a slob. Loungewear is fine for time at home but I need to work on my style.

Where to start:

  • Go through my wardrobe
  • Give clothes to charity
  • Separate fancy from every day
  • If it suits me keep if not get rid
  • Editing is key
  • Less is more
  • Buy key pieces
  • Invest in myself

Last year I started throwing away cheap cloths that look terrible in me. Comfy clothes that make me want to hide rather than exude confidence. I need to feel good about myself. Clothes, hair and makeup will help me.

If 2020 has taught me anything it is invest in myself. So no more Primark.

This is the big one: getting my Masters

I have wanted my MA for a while now but I wasn’t sure what I wanted it in. I am really hopeful I can get in but it’s expensive and it’s two years. Two years without work, two years of full on study.

I know I can do it but I still have to get in. I was really loud to go to Nottingham Trent but other my dream universities where Falmouth and Goldsmiths. So fingers crossed I get into Goldsmiths. I will be applying in the next few months and will hopefully start in September.

Goals in Summary

Easy bite sized goals achievable and practical. The only wild card is my Masters but I know I can also achieve that too. It’s just not completely in my hands.

I hope next year is a better year. I hope we have more freedom. But as I type this England has had over 71000 deaths due to Covid-19. So I just hope that this year is a healthier year for everyone. I hope we all stay safe and get through it. My little goals are going to keep me going throughout the year.

Small but positive goals.

Planning but not held accountable too.

Do you have any goals for 2021?

One response to “Planning the next year: goals and resolutions for 2021”

  1. Happy New Year to you. May God fulfill all your wishes.


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